New Model: Cocooning

Robe et Manteau Cocooning en cachemire
Gray-Blue Wool and Cashmere Dress and Jacket
Limited collection of 3 sets worldwide
Limited high fashion fabric
Extremely comfortable, the Cocooning dress and coats can be worn both indoors and outdoors.
Without a zipper, the dress is put on like a sweater, soft and warm, it feels like a cocoon.
The coat/jacket can be worn over absolutely anything depending on your mood: jeans, wide pants like our Deauville pants or a little black dress , it's a piece to which we keep coming back for its ease and relaxed elegance.
True luxury is being able to wear beautiful, soft and noble materials in which you feel good in a completely nonchalant way.
These pieces are made one by one, on demand, in our small Parisian workshop.
It is a guarantee of Made in France and fair-labor practice. Our philosophy has always been to respect the work of our Parisian seamstresses, we encourage them to take their time, to invest in each piece created because it is also their good energy that they transmit to you in each piece created with passion and enthusiasm.

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