The Emilie Marcelle House

Among my sweetest memories are the moments spent with my grandmother, Emilie Marcelle, in the dressing room of her Parisian apartment.
There, like a child revealing secret treasures, she showed me her collection of exquisite dresses, highlighting the handmade finishes, the attention to detail and the beauty of the materials.
It was there, among her marvelous haute couture collection, that I discovered the magic of sumptuous fabrics and silk linings. “It is by turning a dress inside out that you can measure its true beauty,” she used to say. say.

These were not dresses bought to be worn for one season... They had been carefully selected and preserved for a lifetime.

Years later, while traveling the world for work, I began building my own collection of dresses, surprised by the difficulty of finding pieces that were both elegant and impeccably finished.

It seemed like the standards of timeless silhouettes and careful construction that my grandmother so valued had been lost in the world of fast fashion. Inspired by her memory lingering like a perfume, I decided to create my own line of little black dresses, an iconic staple in every woman's wardrobe.

Incorporating all the lessons she had taught me about the art of real sewing, I then expanded my creative scope to other basic items of women's wardrobe.

Today, Emilie Marcelle is a luxury French brand that embraces the traditions of Parisian know-how. We support the talent of our seamstresses by showcasing their magnificent work and we make women both more beautiful and freer.

Our style is timeless and the quality of our clothing is incomparable. They reflect not only our desire to fully satisfy our customers, but also to correspond to the values ​​of sustainability and fair labor practices that inhabit us.
Thank you, dear grandmother, for teaching me the value of classic styles and the need for impeccable quality. Thank you, above all, for giving me a timeless taste for beauty in couture.