Monsieur Alfred: The Fashion Moment with Lisa Mimoun

Monsieur Alfred: L'instant Mode avec Lisa Mimoun
Fashion moment with Lisa Mimoun
As the sunny days return, we really want to look forward to a brighter future filled with joy, happiness and celebrations! Lisa Mimoun, founder and artistic director of the Parisian fashion house, answers our questions and presents two wedding dresses:
- How do we go from the little black dress that accompanies the active woman on her outings and evenings to the iconic immaculate wedding dress?
The bride was obvious to me. More than ever, women today want know-how, beautiful materials, beautiful finishes and impeccable cuts. We are so happy to accompany them on the big day of their lives.
- Do you offer models in your catalog or are they just exclusive creations?
We offer both. We have models available in our showroom on rue de Verneuil but I also design new models for my clients when they want them or have had a dress in mind since they were very young. We are lucky enough to create everything in our Parisian workshop, which makes the process very flexible and tailor-made.
- Do you also make creations for bridesmaids or guests?
Yes very often and I love it. Marriage is about harmony and all the details count. Creating the dresses for the bridesmaids, children and guests is a wonderful piece of composition.
- What do your customers tell you about their dress?
They are so happy and generous. I receive messages even years later. It is such a joy to participate in the happiness of families like this.

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